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Proven Strategy For Success

Using our plan to success, you will learn to take the customer from the inquisition or learning stage, all the way through the sale, then partnership. Our strategy has been proven successful time and time again.

List your prospects

The beginning step is to have a plan and make a simple list of all the people you would like to have a conversation with. These people could be Friends, Family, Co-Workers and even people you meet on the street. Your list should have a minimum of 10 people to discuss with.

Open the Dialogue

Have a conversation, create interest in the product and service you are selling. Explain how they could benefit from using the product and even creating additional income. Don't be afraid to share your personal story, or a story from a testimonial

Provide Free Patches

Always be prepared to give samples of the patches. The easiest way to open the door for future communication is to have something to talk about. Explain how to use the patches and schedule a follow up time and day to discuss the results.

Follow Up With Conversation

Have a conversation about the benefits he or she noticed. Keep in mind that with only a few samples, there may not be a noticeable benefit in such a short period of time. That is okay, not everyone will feel something that quickly. Ask for an Email address, or text message and provide more information. 

Provide More Information

Share the link to the Webpage. There are so many links and resources they can view. Use printed materials to show them benefits felt by so many others. Testimonial videos work very well in this situation. 

Join Our Social Media Pages

Social Media is now the most useful tool in Marketing. If you have them as a friend, share links to our social media pages. If you are not friends, create the friendship. Once you have that, you can strategically send them links or suggest groups.

Give Another Sample or Gift

People respond with free samples or gifts. You should always carry additional patches with you. Be sure you not only have X39, but maybe AEON as it along with X39 will show affects sooner than others. 

Follow up after 3 days

Follow up and have another discussion about LifeWave and the products. By now you should have some understanding of what is creating interest. Focus in on that area. Whether they are interested in purchasing patches for personal use, or looking to create an income source, be ready to answer all the final questions you need to.

Make The Sale / Take The Order

Sell the customer on one of the many options and products. Provide the 90 day money back guaranty information, and let them know there is no risk. The product could simply be returned if they are not completely satisfied. 

Input the Sale in Back Office

Once the sale has been made, take the customer into back office and finalize the sale. You have completed the steps with this customer to make the sale, but there are many more to go regarding set up, team building etc.

There will be many customers that these steps will need to be repeated, more than a few times. This is okay. In the world of network marketing and sales, the most important part is that we learn from our efforts. Both those that close, and those that do not. 

You will learn along the way, each sale will become feeling closer to second nature

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